Gothic woman - portrait, photo.I admit it, I own tan pants. Also, I wore a bow tie today, just because Fred Astaire wore one in the movie I watched last night. I frequently listen to Fleetwood Mac with my wife, and I have seen every episode of Rick Steve’s Europe. I own a typewriter. I am gloriously, wonderfully delightfully uncool. I have no problem with this.

However… There was a time when I was a black poet prince, When the fingernails on my left hand were all painted black, when all my mates had bi-level haircuts, and when the cd player in my room almost never stopped playing Joy Division. I had a black telecaster. I used to play Love and Rockets covers on it. It was glorious.

For everyone who ever had a Goth phase, my friend Jeff Mach has co-created Dark Side of The Con with Vampire Freaks. It’s March 17-19 in Piscataway, New Jersey. For one weekend, we’re all going back. So, if you saw the Cure in concert, or if you’ve ever seen the Cabin of Doctor Caligari, or if you once bought a leather-bound copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe, just so you could pull it out and try to impress people with it while you were sitting in the cafeteria, come back with us. I’m not sure what Jeff’s black hair dye requirements are, but Felix Eddy-McLain and I will be there, selling her gothiest art and my books. Feel free to bring your black lipstick.  We hope to see you there.

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