The promotional still from the lovely short pictures which, we still hope, will someday come into being. 

You know what I’m really excited for?  “Hullaballoo“, perhaps the best-funded Steampunk Kickstarter of all time.

But I’m not that excited for the movie.  After all this time, I have no idea how the movie will be.  Hopefully, it’ll be splendid, but that’s not really my concern.

My concern is seeing it happen at all.

Hullaballoo was pushed heavily, and its social presence is still, to this day, managed by – some of Steampunk’s more challenging characters, to wit, the people behind the Steampunk Goodreads abomination.  (I don’t mean to use sensationalist language, but frankly, we of the Steampunk community know why we banned those two figures, and they have, to this day, never even acknowledged, much less apologized for, this or their other actions.  Honestly?  I used to be friends with them.  I miss the good I saw in those people.  But I can’t let the bad go unanswered, because it continues.)

“Hullaballoo” might be incredible.  The team is fantastic.  The art is fantastic.  The ideas are fantastic.  It’s going to be a fantastic addition to the Steampunk Universe.

If it ever happens.

I’ve run many a crowdfunding campaign.  It can be hard to get every single bit out there.  My rock opera is way behind in getting people the live album we promised; we had a mic failure and cast illness.  But we sure as hell got the full live video out, and we fought to get everything else we promised to everyone.  And we absolutely made sure that when we hit our goal, and then went over it, we made the production happen, on time, come hell or high water.  We delivered all of our funding promises, and are just waiting on the one bonus – and actually, we’ll be releasing that next week.

That doesn’t make me cool or special.  That’s just, I think, the minimum we should ask of people whose Kickstarters get funded:  That we see some of the meat of what we were promised.

Let me stress again: I sure as anything am not attacking Hullaballoo, and I’m only bringing up the old Goodreads scandal in passing; even that is just to provide context, it’s not the core of this article.

Did you back Hullaballoo?  Did you see rewards?  There’ve been bits of content released over the past few years as teasers; are you satisfied with them?  What are you hoping for out of this?

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