Hullaballoo and the future of Steampunk crowdfunding

The promotional still from the lovely short pictures which, we still hope, will someday come into being.  You know what I’m really excited for?  “Hullaballoo“, perhaps the best-funded Steampunk Kickstarter of all time. But I’m not that excited for the movie.  After all this time, I have no idea how the movie will be.  Hopefully, […]

Why we’re a Steampunk Festival, not a Convention

Are we really defined by being a festival, and not a convention?  For me, the answer’s yes.   I do love conventions.  But think about conventions.  Trade shows are conventions.  Academia has conventions.  Your corporate job probably has, or attends, conventions.  I happen to enjoy all of those things.  They’re not bad things.  BUT… Think […]

Three ways to make any Convention or Festival experience better.

I’ve been running conventions, festivals, and events for well over two decades now. There have been tremendous changes within that time, unsurprisingly – for example,  quite relevant to my own life and career, it’s not like there were really any Steampunk events 20 years ago.  Not anywhere in the entire world. But there are a […]

What does it take to run geek/nerd/steampunk conventions at hotels?

When people say, “What does it take to run weekend-long Steampunk, Fairy, or Goth events,” I generally say: A hotel that actually WANTS your weird friends to hang out in it. This is more unusual than you’d expect..  If you’ve not booked a hotel before, your feeling might be, “Well, it’s business; you’re bringing them money; […]