Tyndall Empowers Van Helsing in Grimm’s Comic

Good heavens, Jamie Tyndall’s illustration work is extraordinary! This cover art for Grimm’s Unleashed featuring the intrepid Van Helsing is a true marvel. The fusion of steampunk and gothic fantasy elements is exquisite – from Van Helsing’s metallic corset to the airship rising behind her. Tyndall captures the essence of adventure, attitude and allure.

One can imagine the thrilling tales within those pages, with action as detailed as Van Helsing’s ornate arm cannon. Tyndall’s flair for dramatic imagery and dynamic heroines leaps from the page. For aficionados of sci-fi escapism and fancy, do investigate his artwork further!

Imaginative visions like this remind us that innovation can transform even the most time-worn genres into something fresh and fantastical. Here’s to the artists and writers who keep pushing boundaries – you lift our spirits skyward!



“Darkness cannot withstand the blazing light cast by courage.”

Van Helsing

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